CITY CAB is committed to your safety!


Perception is often NOT the reality, so we share the following to alleviate your travel concerns.


A taxi is a SAFE ALTERNATIVE to other forms of transport, with a 24hour / 7day service availability. Make sure that you experience a personal feeling of comfort and security by adopting the following procedures whenever you:

  • BOOK A CAB: Phone on 408-998-3333 or by visiting  our website at  www.citycab. We keep a record of your journey.
  • HAIL A CAB: If uncomfortable or in doubt about the professionalism of your cab driver-
  • NOTE the fleet number displayed on the inside front windscreen or the left and right guards (adjacent to the doors)
  • Phone or visit www.citycab.com with the details of your journey
  • If you are helping a friend into a cab, you may wish to record the details of the cab trip and save the details
  • REMEMBER all the taxi drivers are subjected to ongoing criminal and traffic incident history reviews
  • Corporate Accounts welcome!


During your journey:

  • We recommend that the right rear seating position be used (diagonally opposite the driver) as the maximum safety seat.
  • Any conversation that you feel is ‘out of order’ should be brought to the attention of the driver. His training states, “… do not initiate conversation except in relation to the business of getting the customer to their destination – if the customer feels inclined to chat, the weather and sport are ideal, ‘safe’ topics”.


Reach Your Destination:

It is YOUR CLEAR CHOICE when your destination is reached, whether or not you would like the driver to light the way - and wait until you have safely reached - the door.

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